Another great month for Hats! A lot has happened since our last community update, and this month we have been focusing on exciting campaigns, contract development, and onboarding of new vaults. In case you missed it on Twitter, below are some of the things that happened this month.

Safety Assessment by DeFi Safety

DeFiSafety is an independent ratings organization that evaluates Decentralized Finance products to produce an overarching security score based on transparency and adherence to best practices. Based on their research, Hats Finance earned a score of 96%, highlighting our anti front-running implementation, admin controls, and oracles.

We are incredibly grateful for their work, and we thank the DeFi safety team for taking the time to review our project. They continuously show professionalism and commitment to crypto security. Check the report here if you would like to read it.

New Vault- Welcome Fuji DAO!

This month we are excited to welcome Fuji DAO to the Hats Finance family! Fuji DAO is a DeFi borrowing aggregator that scans for borrowing protocols and finds the best rates in the market, facilitating automatic loan refinancing and non custodial loan routing.

They have shown their commitment to smart contract security by allocating $50,000 USDT to their bug bounty vault. Community members and advocates can contribute to their bug bounty by visiting the Hats.Finance dApp, and depositing USDT into the Fuji DAO vault.

Looking to learn more about Fuji DAO, smart bug bounties and how DAOs can create and contribute to bug bounties? Join us on Twitter spaces on April 6th to chat and learn more.

Tokenomics Articles and Resources

In a series of articles published in our medium we share some of the most asked questions regarding Hats tokenomics, white hacker payouts, and on-chain mechanisms. We also introduce the concept of smart bug bounties, which is a feature on Hats Finance that gets rid of the middle man and allows for fully decentralized vulnerability disclosures and on chain resolution.

In the second article we talk about our roadmap towards Hats V2, the governance and utility mechanism behind “voting escrow tokens” and the liquidity incentives behind $HATS staking through the boosting of vaults.

Hats is moving to Discord!

Due to the rapid community growth, we have decided to make Discord our official form of communication, and we will discontinue our Telegram. Unofficial language channels are allowed to stay on Telegram, but the main form of communication to reach the core team and contributors will be on Discord. Please join if you have not done so!

The Crow Games are coming!

Since our NFT airdrop “the crow’s clan” we have been getting tons of questions from the community on how they can get their own NFT. The crow games allow anyone to get whitelisted for an NFT by completing a series of tasks on Twitter and Discord.

Each week represents a new opportunity to play! Join the Discord to get all the instructions on how to participate.

Referral Program

Want to make $1,000 USDC? Refer a DAO or project to Hats Finance and if they successfully create a bug bounty worth at least $50k, you make $1K.

Read all the guidelines in our past medium article.

Hatter Program

Looking to get involved in Hats Finance? Our hatter program runs 24/7 allowing anyone to contribute to the growth of Hats through different community and growth committees. At this moment we are looking for people that can create video and written content in different languages, manage Discord channels, and onboard new vaults to the bug bounty program.

If you believe you have what it takes apply here



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Hats.Finance a decentralized smart bug bounty marketplace. Permissionless, scalable, and open bug bounty protocol that allows anyone to provide liquidity.