February Community Update

It has been an exciting month for the Hats Community! We have been working hard to continue our commitment to securing the Ethereum ecosystem, and we are excited about all the progress we have made so far. For a level of higher transparency and communication, we hope to write monthly community updates where we inform you of what is going on within Hats Finance and share exciting updates.

New Vaults:

We have two new vaults! We are excited to welcome Uma Protocol and ICHI to the Hats community. Anyone can provide liquidity to their vaults, and help protect their favorite projects.

UMAs partnership is very unique due to their protected token technology, which is used to provide an extra layer of protection. Read all about it in our medium article

Our recent partnership with ICHI is still being finalized (article coming soon) and we are working on allowing liquidity providing using $XICHI tokens. More announcements are coming soon!

Crows Clan NFT Airdrop is Live!

After a long wait and a lot of work from the design and artist team, our NFT collection is finally live. This is as a way to thank everyone that has supported us by depositing in different vaults.

How to know if you qualify?

Anyone that deposited into any Hats vault before 2/6/2022 qualifies for a crow NFT. Please check our newest medium article to learn all the details about the drop, and check open sea for all the newly minted crows.

Don’t forget to join us on Discord and Twitter because we will be announcing perks that come with the ownership of a crow.

Hatter program!

We are finishing our 2nd epoch of hatter contributions, and so far the Hatter community has created a Chinese Medium account, moderated different Discord and Telegram channels, posted about us on social media and helped us with our dune analytics. We are always welcoming new Hatters, and we are excited about future contributions.

If you want to be more involved in Hats and monetize your skill sets, consider joining our Hatter team where you can join different committees, including community, DAO2DAO, and growth.

Send us an application, and hear from us soon.

Apply to become a hatter here

What is next?!

Referral program

At this moment we continue our search for new partnerships and vaults, with the goal to onboard 100 protocols by the end of 2022! We want to include the community in this effort by creating a referral program that allows community members to get paid for their contributions.

Hats Finance will reward $1000 USDC to one person once they successfully lead the onboarding process and actively help execute the following:

  • Successfully onboard a project into the Hats vault dApp.
  • The project DAO successfully deposited $50,000 worth of its token.

Read all the details in our medium

DAO Delegation

Our DAO delegation is live! We are calling auditors, DAOs, developers, and security experts to join us. The purpose of the delegation program is to bring innovative ideas and help us in voting and governance. As a delegator, you are welcome to create proposals, vote, and influence the way Hats Finance operates.

Liquidity mining

We have been getting tons of questions regarding liquidity mining and our token. At this moment tokens are not live, but once liquidity mining is open, tokens will be distributed from the first block of contributions. We have prepared all the structure needed for liquidity mining, and we will have more updates soon.



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