Call for Hats DAO Delegates

2 min readFeb 16, 2022

Hats.Finance is decentralizing governance and accepting applications for DAO delegates.

Thank you for considering being a part of the Hats Finance delegator program. Delegation is a powerful way to be involved in Hats Finance, by making important decisions on the future of the protocol and shaping the future of decentralized security.

Why become a delegator?

Hats Finance is a fully decentralized and permissionless bug bounty protocol. If you care about the future of crypto, you must care about security. We believe that many hackers will choose to be white-hat hackers with the right incentives in place, which means that you as a delegator can take part in making of the core decisions that influence hacker behavior in the crypto ecosystem. As a delegator, you help us make important decisions regarding the core protocol and the overall DAO, and grow your expertise in security.

We are calling Auditors, DAOs specialists, developers, and security experts to join the delegator program and bring forward innovative ideas that can help us in our voting and governance process. As a delegator, you are welcome to create proposals, vote, bring ideas to the team, and influence the way Hats Finance operates.

Before applying please note that it is important that you understand the key values of Hats:

  • Commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Hats protocol both from an economic and technological perspective.
  • Hacking as a necessary part of sustainable and long-lasting public technology.
  • Decentralization should be a core aspect of bug bounties.
  • Maintaining a strong smart contract security mentality in Web3 and DeFi, understanding its importance in the crypto ecosystem as a whole.
  • Alignment with the mission to incentivize hackers that follow the ethical route and become white hats.

If you find yourself a good candidate to be a delegate on Hats.Finance , follow this link and submit your application to be a delegate.

Important Note: You only need to submit yourself as a delegate if you want to appear in the list of delegates shown when other people claim their tokens. You do not need to submit a delegate profile if you only want to claim your airdrop, or if you only intend to delegate to yourself!

Delegates are not awarded extra tokens for being delegates.

For any questions regarding the delegate program, please refer to the #Hats-governance chat in Discord.

The application for the delegation will be approved by 3/10/2022.12:33 PM

Apply to become a Hats DAO delegate here




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