Welcome to Hats, Idle Finance.

Another great team joins the Hats Finance Bounty Program! Welcome Idle Finance, excited to have you onboard.

Early this month, a proposal to protect the Idle smart contracts through incentivized vulnerability bug bounties was posted. In this proposal, it outlined how bug bounty vaults in Hats Finance work, as well as the benefits of creating one; including increased security, one sided yield farming(not live yet), and reduction of circulating token supply.After answering questions from the community, the proposal was passed unanimously.

We will now be moving forward with the proposal to implement a bug bounty vault for Idle Finance with the amount of $10,000 worth of $IDLE tokens.

About Idle Finance

Idle Finance is a decentralized organization that builds DeFi yield automation infrastructure for the next generation of financial players. Their decentralized protocol aims to unlock the power of decentralized finance as a one-stop source of yield.

Idle is composed of two main products: A lending aggregator that automatically analyses supply rate functions across integrated protocols and Perpetual Yield Tranches, capital pools that automatically generate and tranche yields and risks based on a range of market-neutral yield strategies.

About Hats Finance

Hats Finance is the first of its kind, community-owned and decentralized bug bounty protocol. Because security exploits affect all parties involved, Hats Finance facilitates community involvement by allowing users to provide liquidity to their favorite bounties and earn $HAT tokens once they become available. We hope that by allowing community involvement we can raise awareness on the importance of security in crypto while encouraging white-hat hacker involvement.

Learn more about Idle Finance by visiting their website, and deposit to their vault through the Hats dApp.



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Hats.Finance a decentralized smart bug bounty marketplace. Permissionless, scalable, and open bug bounty protocol that allows anyone to provide liquidity.