The future of cybersecurity is incentivized security.

An introduction to PPM (Protocol Protection Mining), and the Hatonomics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Protocol Protection Mining (PPM) — Yield farming to incentivize community protection of protocols while decentralizing and giving ownership of the Hats protocol to the community.
  • MetaVault — The Hats token vault. Incentivizes white hat disclosures for the Hats protocol, creates an incentive alignment method for Hats token holders with GovernHats voting rights, and upside in the success of the protocol, similarly to Sushi and xSushi.
  • Hatonomics is the token distribution, incentives, and emission rates for the Hats tokens. 50% of the $HATs tokens are dedicated to the community via incentives, governance decisions, and PPM.
  • Vault deposits are done immediately, withdrawal has a 7-day time lock due to the disclosure process taking 7 days.
  • Each security vault will get reward allocation points, which will indicate the pro rata allocation of the emission rate of Hats. Allocation points are granted and adjusted by Hats governance.
  • Successful disclosures made in any one of Hats vaults will distribute a 5% of the reward tokens to lockers in the Hat token vault pro rata to their holding (Pending governance decision) This effectively aligns Hats stakers with the success of the protocol.
  • The first 15 onboarded projects to the Hats protocol will receive an increase in their PPM allocation points to 115 from the default of 100.
*Hats governance can decide to replace the current liquidity mining program with another one as V2 and new features will be implemented.
  • Partnership tokens — comprise 7% of the total token supply. {700,000 HAT’s tokens}
  • Core team tokens — comprise 25% of the total token supply. An 21-months vesting period starting on the 24th of November 2021. {2,500,000 HAT’s tokens}
  • Community treasury tokens — comprise 15% of the total token supply. {1,500,00 Hat’s tokens|
  • Liquidity mining tokens — comprise 35% of the total token supply. {3,500,000 HAT’s tokens}
The total supply is 10 million $HATs tokens with a 50% of these will be allocated to the community and the liquidity mining.

Interested in joining Hats?

Hats will succeed in achieving its goals with the help of the community that will be built around it. We are always looking for devs and security experts that are interested in joining us. If you know Solidity or React and enthusiastic about Web3, and want to contribute to the security of the Ethereum ecosystem, please drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to help onboard you.

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Hats is a decentralized cybersecurity incentive network. Governed by its community stakeholders of hackers, projects, and token holders.