Strategic Partnership with Shieldify

2 min readAug 8, 2023

With Great Excitement, We Welcome a New Audit Firm to the Hats Ecosystem: Welcome Home, Shieldify.

Today, we proudly announce that Shieldify, a web3 audit firm, will be joining our “skin in the game” initiative within the Hats ecosystem.

A few months ago, we introduced an innovative feature in Hats Finance, known as “Skin in The Game.” This concept empowers audit firms to enhance their security efforts, taking a percentage of their service fee and placing it as a bug bounty within Hats Finance for a predetermined period. This strategic move enables audit firms to cultivate trust and fortify their relationships with clients, thereby fostering a robust security partnership.

About Shielify: A Powerhouse in the Web3 Space

Comprising three visionary founders and a team with extensive experience in the web3 space, Shieldify’s credentials are beyond impressive. Some team members serve as wardens at the most prestigious smart contract auditing platforms, while others have won hackathon grants or contributed to top 100 blockchain projects with multi-million dollars in market capitalization.

The collaboration between Shieldify and Hats Finance is not merely a partnership but a union of shared objectives. With the common goal to protect web3 projects, our collaboration signifies a powerful alliance forged to promote security and innovation within the blockchain space.

A New Chapter Begins:

We are thrilled to have Shieldify on board! Their dedication to excellence, proven expertise, and shared commitment to protecting web3 projects resonate with our mission at Hats Finance. Together, we will embark on an exciting journey to fortify the web3 space, fostering a culture of innovation and security.




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