Paraswap Deposits 1M PSP to Their Bug Bounty via Hats Finance

Another project extends their long term commitment to security! Shoutout to Paraswap for depositing 1M PSP tokens to their bug bounty in the Hats Finance dApp. When depositing tokens to their own bug bounties, projects pledge to put smart contract security in the forefront, allowing users to feel at ease and invest with confidence. The community oriented mechanisms of Hats Finance allows community members to contribute in security efforts by providing liquidity to bug bounties, and receive HAT tokens once they become available.

About Paraswap

Paraswap is a leading DeFi aggregator that unites the liquidity of decentralized exchanges and lending protocols into one comprehensive and secure interface and APIs.Their mission is to drive DeFi participation to new heights by offering secure, intelligent and optimized trading solutions for individuals and institutional traders to tap effortlessly into the fragmented liquidity pools.

About Hats Finance

Hats Finance is the first of its kind, community-owned and decentralized bug bounty protocol. Because security exploits affect all parties involved, Hats Finance facilitates community involvement by allowing users to provide liquidity to their favorite bounties and earn $HAT tokens once they become available. We hope that by allowing community involvement we can raise awareness on the importance of security in crypto while encouraging white-hat hacker involvement.

Learn more about the Hats mechanism here and deposit to the Paraswap bug bounty through the Hats dApp.



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Hats.Finance a decentralized smart bug bounty marketplace. Permissionless, scalable, and open bug bounty protocol that allows anyone to provide liquidity.