New Vault in Hats.Finance

We are excited to onboard Temple DAO to the Hats bug bounty program! They have decided to open their bug bounty vault with 450,000 $TEMPLE tokens, ensuring their long-term commitment to security and responsible white hacker vulnerability disclosure. The bug bounty is open for deposit to all $TEMPLE stakeholders in a permissionless way.

About Temple DAO

$TEMPLE began its colorful history as a high-yielding token with a metaverse twist. The team has since evolved its product to facilitate leveraged Farming-as-a-Service with an active mechanic to defend the token’s intrinsic value price floor. Stakers can enjoy the best-mixed strategy yields and automated compounding. Their mechanism approach is stable, steady, and long-term, allowing users to relax from the volatility of crypto. TempleDAO is highly committed to security and is excited to participate in the Hats Finance bug bounty program. The program will allow the DAO and community stakeholders to contribute to Temple Dao’s security and longevity by staking $TEMPLE tokens and receiving $HAT tokens once they become available.

When users stake $TEMPLE in their bug bounty they contribute to white hat hacker rewards in case of vulnerability disclosures. When hacker rewards are fair, protocols ensure disclosure instead of hacks, saving them money and keeping credibility.

The Hats Solution

Crypto is continuously evolving, making it hard to keep up in security systems. The increasing number of hacks in the DeFi ecosystem is a call to action for better security and hacker rewards. While there are many bug bounty programs, only a few specialize in Web3, and even less than that allow hackers to be fully anonymous.

Hats Finance believes that if we focus on Web3 bug bounties, then we must live Web3 standards. That means making bug bounties and vulnerability disclosure fully decentralized and permissionless. Hats Finance is the first of its kind, community-owned and decentralized bug bounty protocol. Because security exploits affect all parties involved, Hats Finance facilitates community involvement by allowing users to provide liquidity to their favorite bounties and earn $HAT tokens. We hope that by allowing community involvement we can raise awareness on the importance of security in crypto while encouraging white-hat hacker involvement.

Learn more about Temple DAO by visiting their website and contribute to their bug bounty using the Hats Finance dApp.



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