June Community Update

Welcome to the Hats Finance Monthly community update! Through this series of articles we will share the major operational, technical, and community milestones in the past month. We are excited to share our work for the month of June, especially as we prepare for exciting announcements in the next couple months.

Let’s dive in!

Web 3 Security Podcast Series

We are excited to announce the launch of our podcast series ,where we bring security experts to share their knowledge and spicy takes.

We started this podcast because we truly believe in community oriented initiatives, that means giving ownership and authority to Web3 communities that invest in the many crypto projects out there. However, we realize that the average crypto user has little understanding of the technicalities, development, and security practices that build their favorite protocols. Our podcast has one mission in mind; to make Web3 security information accessible and digestible, guiding users to better security practices and understanding of the risks involved.

You can listen to the series via Twitter Spaces or listen the recording through Spotify. We are always in the search for new topics and speakers so feel free to message us if you have any ideas!

InsureDAO Partnership

With great excitement, we share our newest partnership with InsureDAO! InsureDAO is a decentralized insurance protocol that allows anyone to create insurance plans for their projects and investments. This partnership aligns with our goal to become a community-owned security hub where decentralized projects can cooperate with each other in a trustless manner. By combining the power of bug bounties and insurance, we aim to create a safer decentralized future.

Read more about it in our recent medium post.

New Applications for Hatter Program

Do you want to get paid to learn about crypto security? Get involved in the Hatter program and use your creativity to contribute to the growth of Hats Finance.

Apply to become a Hatter here

Multi Asset Vaults

Our development team is working really hard to bring new multi- asset functionality into our current vaults. More announcements coming soon

Hats V2 Audit, Front End, and Multi-Chain Support.

As we come closer to the launch of Hats V2 there is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes. Huge shoutout to the dev team for continuously working in our audit and front end development for the functionality of V2.

We will soon share some special announcements regarding multi-chain support! Make sure to follow our Medium and Twitter to be the first to find out.

Hats Finance is coming to ETH Barcelona!

You heard that right! We will be attending and speaking at ETH Barcelona. We would love to see old and new faces, please reach out if you are attending as well :)

You can register and check the schedule for ETH Barcelona here



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