July Monthly Update

July went by so fast! While we have so much to share, be sure to believe that we have much more planned for the next couple months. If you keep reading, you might get some hints on what we have cooking.

Let’s dive in!

Welcome to our new bug bounty Vaults!

After long conversations with teams and communities, we are excited to officially welcome Idle Finance and Paraswap to the Hats ecosystem.

Check out their active bug bounty vaults and add liquidity through the Hats dApp

Dev News

  • Our V2 protocol is making great progress. We have submitted the core code for an audit which will be completed over the coming weeks and allow us to deploy Hats vaults in a variety of new exciting ways. We will also involve community initiatives, soon to be announced.
  • Multi-asset vaults will soon become a reality! Keep checking our dApp to find out when this feature is available
  • We are currently building the infrastructure to facilitate greater interoperability through multi-chain front end support.

Growth and Marketing

Web3 Security Podcast

This month we hosted three amazing guests for our web3 security podcast. The DeFi Safety team shared web3 best practices, as well as useful tips on how to use security data and ranking to make informed decisions. Niv from Hexagate shared his journey as a white hat, from web2 security to finding vulnerabilities in Ledger and recently in the Polygon bridge. He shared some of the most common attack vectors, as well as some useful tips and advice to those looking to start a career in web3 security.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, and follow Hats Finance on Twitter to join us live on future episodes.

Bug Bounty Proposals

Check our active proposals and comment/like to support the Hats Mission

MakerDAO <> Hats.Finance — Protocol and community-funded Bug Bounties. Authors: Hats.Finance @liron, @Ofir Contributors: @juan, *Hats.finance creates decentralized smart contract bug bounty programs to incentivize hackers and auditors to disclose vulnerabilities in MakerDAO smart contracts. Liquidity can be added permissionlessly, while LPs will be rewarded with $HAT token once Hats liquidity mining program is launched.

Enabling DeFi (Decentralized Finance) for Bitcoin.

Bug Bounty Vault Proposal by Hats Finance to Ooki

TLDR: This is a proposal for Ooki Trade to collaborate with Hats.finance, create a hacker/auditors incentive pool to protect the Ooki Trade smart contracts. The goal of the vault is to incentivize vulnerability disclosure for Ooki Trade smart contracts. Liquidity can be added permissionlessly and LPs will be rewarded with $HAT token once the liquidity mining program is launched.

Bug Bounty Vault Proposal by Hats Finance to dForce

We Had a Blast at ETH Barcelona and ETHCC!

We really enjoyed our time in Barcelona and Paris, and we look forward to meeting more people in future conferences and events. Let us know what events you are heading to next!

Huge shoutout to Oliver, Director of Operations, for moderating a panel at ETH Barcelona on the current state of security. You can listen to the talk here

Thank you to Liron from our Dev team for attending ETHCC, and participating in their hackathon. Tons of new connections were made, and we were able to strengthen existing connections and partnerships.

Thanks Hats community for reading, don’t forget to join our Discord to participate in community calls.

Until next time :)



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Hats.Finance a decentralized smart bug bounty marketplace. Permissionless, scalable, and open bug bounty protocol that allows anyone to provide liquidity.