Hats Finance Partners with Ironblocks to Enhance Security Measures with Detection Tools.

Now available for a 3 month free trial to all qualified projects utilizing the Hats’ bug bounty program.

3 min readMar 23, 2023

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Ironblocks, a real-time security detection tool for web3 protocols, DeFi applications, market makers, and more. This strategic collaboration will provide qualified projects that open a bug bounty on Hats with complimentary access to Ironblocks’ AI-based security solution that detects suspicious transactions within their protocols.

Ironblocks will offer initial consultations to projects in Hats Finance, granting 3-month trial access to projects with at least $30k in their bug bounty. The deployment will be seamless for projects, as it requires no additional effort on their part beyond checking a box in their vault settings.

Hats Finance is revolutionizing web3 security by developing infrastructure solutions that can be utilized by any project. We do this by facilitating a bug bounty process that is free, seamless, decentralized, and enables easy integration through a few simple transactions. On-chain bug bounties aim to incentivize the Web3 security community to actively search for vulnerabilities and responsibly disclose them.

Hats is committed to the journey towards a safer Web3 ecosystem and understands the importance of security for all applications and projects. This unrelenting mission is constantly seeking new ways to improve security and develop solutions for security researchers, partners, and soon-to-be partners.

About Ironblocks

Ironblocks is a leading on-chain security company, committed to providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for smart contracts, DeFi, and dApps. The Ironblocks team consists of highly-experienced ex-IDF intelligence, elite unit of OPSEC, and Web3.0 professionals, possessing a wealth of knowledge in blockchain and cybersecurity. They are dedicated to offering an innovative, easy-to-use, and first-of-its-kind Web3.0 security method, providing real-time 360° exploit protection of on-chain activity in any protocol.

Ironblocks is an advanced real-time detection and alerting system engineered to safeguard web3 protocols, bridges, and other smart-contract based projects from potential threats and malicious transactions. With a comprehensive array of detector-sets and cutting-edge monitoring capabilities, Ironblocks is at the forefront of the fight against crypto threats. They are trusted by some of the largest entities in the crypto space, providing unparalleled protection to our clients.

How to take advantage of our latest feature

  1. Opt-in to receive real-time notifications for any suspicious transaction patterns directly to your preferred group chat. Checking the box during setup means you consent to this added functionality.
  2. The detection tool only monitors contracts that are currently enrolled in our bug bounty program. Need to expand coverage? No problem, simply reach out to the Ironblocks team for assistance.

Remember, your encrypted reports remain secure and private at all times, only committee members holding the necessary private PGP keys have the ability to decrypt sent messages.

Visit the Hats dApp and set up your vault now:


Partnering with Ironblocks is yet another milestone towards fulfilling our mission to provide protocols with the latest and most advanced security tools. Opting-in to this feature during vault setup enables protocols to greatly increase the protection for users and their assets.

Together, Hats and Ironblock will continue to innovate and secure the Web3 ecosystem.




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