Hats Finance Opens New Bug Bounty Program with Fuji DAO

About Fuji DAO

Hats Finance is excited to announce our newest vault with Fuji DAO and their deposit of $50,000 USDT allocated to create a bug bounty that will encourage vulnerability disclosure and improve security within the protocol.

Fuji DAO is a DeFi borrowing aggregator currently available on the Ethereum network and Fantom. Their dApp scans for borrowing protocols, finding the best rates, facilitating automatic loan refinancing, non custodial loan routing and rebates on gas prices.

The Hats Solution

Crypto protocols are creating groundbreaking technology with amazing use cases, however, the security sector remains underdeveloped with increasing numbers of hacks and malicious activity. At Hats Finance we know that hacks are an indication that security can be improved, but instead of criminalizing hackers, we turn them into white hacks that help protocols scale to the highest security standards. And when protocols increase security, their credibility and confidence for the future grows with them. Hats Finance is the first of its kind, fully decentralized, and community owned bug bounty protocol that allows users to contribute to the growth of web 3 by providing liquidity to bug bounties.

Learn more about Fuji DAO by visiting their website and deposit to their vault in the Hats dApp.



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