Elevating the Hats Community: Introducing White Hats Profiles and Leaderboard

4 min readNov 28, 2023

At Hats, we pride ourselves on our deep connection with the ever-growing community of white hat hackers.

To date, Hats has been at the forefront of revolutionizing audit competitions and bug bounties, introducing decentralized and permissionless products. Our open and continuous engagement with the White Hats community has been instrumental in developing a cutting-edge product that reflects your feedback and efforts.

We are thrilled to unveil two new interconnected features designed to elevate the White Hat experience and foster trust between hackers and projects: The White Hats Profile and The Leaderboard. These features aim to recognize the skills and achievements of our community members and create a competitive yet collaborative environment.

White Hats Profile: A Platform to Showcase Your Skills

Our new White Hat Hacker Profiles go beyond a digital resume. They offer a platform for showcasing your unique skills, experiences, and contributions to web3security. Here’s what you can expect:

Personalized Profile
Craft a profile that mirrors your identity as a security researcher.
Highlight your achievements, share your experiences, and Add your social media accounts.

Celebrate Your Successes:
Explore your winning statistics and all-time ranking, including valid findings and the rewards you’ve earned.

Track Record on Hats:
Access a timeline view of the projects you’ve contributed to and see your earnings per project and valid submissions. Your own personal audit report- backed by valid on-chain submission.

How to open a profile

Setting your profile takes only a few minutes:

1. Go to our dApp and connect your wallet.

2. Click on the ‘Create White Hat Profile’ button

3. Follow the onboarding instructions- it only takes a few minutes.

If you have multiple wallets you can connect them to the same account by pressing the settings icon and pressing “Link new address”

Hats Leaderboard: A New Realm of Competition and Recognition

The Main Leaderboard is where the thrill of competition meets the recognition of talent. This feature is not just a ranking system; it’s a dynamic reflection of your active participation and success in the field.

  • Leaderboard competition streak: Increase your visibility on the leaderboard by creating a competition streak.
  • Monthly Streak: To start a streak, submit at least 1 valid finding.
  • Maintain Your Momentum: Keep your streak alive by submitting at least one valid finding each month.

Streak Exclusion: Note that private audit competitions and bug bounties do not count at the moments in your streak.
If no audit competitions occur in a given month, your streak will remain intact.

Main view and audit-specific view

After each payout, the main leaderboard will be updated to reflect the latest standings.
You can view competition winners in two ways: directly on the competition specs under a new leaderboard tab post-payout, or through a timeline view on the main leaderboard, presenting all audit competitions in order.

Join the Movement
This launch is a significant milestone in our mission to empower and celebrate the white hat hacker community. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or an emerging enthusiast, these features provide a platform to showcase your skills, learn from peers, and ascend the ranks of the white hats in the field of web3 security.

We invite you to create your Profile, participate in competitions, and discover your standing on the Leaderboard.

Participating in the Hats competition and creating your profile unlocks numerous opportunities for engagement. Besides the private audit competition, which is exclusive to ranked auditors on the leaderboard, many exciting prospects are on the horizon. Don’t miss your chance to enhance your experience, reputation, and access to various reward options





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