DXventures grants $100,000 to Hats.finance to build a decentralized cyber security network

DXventures is the internal venture arm of DXdao.

DXdao is a decentralized organization, owned and operated by the community, that develops decentralized applications on Ethereum, Arbitrum One, and more. DXdao’s mission includes supporting and investing in promising projects that work to advance the DeFi space and solve the pain points of decentralized organizations.

This grant is the first step of a strategic partnership between DXdao and Hats to create a decentralized cyber security network on Ethereum. We are thrilled to receive the grant from DXdao and to partner with their active community. We believe DAOs are the new frontier in human collaboration structures, and as DAOs become stakeholders in other DAOs it leads to a mutual growth of both communities, and the ecosystem as a whole.

We look forward to seeing how this collaboration unfolds!

Hats is a decentralized cybersecurity incentive network. Governed by its community stakeholders of hackers, projects, and token holders.