Hello Hatters!

The growth of cyber attacks in the past year has brought the crypto community closer to discuss risks and possible solutions.

  • Hats are expanding the community, and we started with articulating a few guiding principles we can start with: Open Collaboration, Open-Source Knowledge, and Consistent…

We are overwhelmed by the support that Hats is receiving through early deposits to Hats vaults totaling more than $1m of value. For us, it feels like a strong validation to Hats vision. In this article, we will introduce the Hacker reward ceiling that adds an extra layer of protection that can help Hats to gradually allow more value to be added to the vaults.

  • Hacker reward ceiling — Determined by Hats governance, which allows control of the deposited amount that can be staked on Hats vault. Withdrawals are available as always.
  • Hats risks factor — Interacting with Hats.finance

An introduction to PPM (Protocol Protection Mining), and the Hatonomics.

  • TGE and the liquidity mining were postponed. Updates will be announced soon.
  • Protocol Protection Mining (PPM) — Yield farming to incentivize community protection of protocols while decentralizing and giving ownership of the Hats protocol to the community.
  • MetaVault — The Hats token vault. Incentivizes white hat disclosures for…

DXventures is the internal venture arm of DXdao.

The round was led by Greenfield One with participation of Lemniscap, Spartan Capital, Accomplice, and Collider Ventures.

  • Hats’ upcoming PPM (Protocol Protection Mining) is a bug bounty vault that incentivizes community participation to secure protocols and farm HATs tokens in the process, the governance token of the Hats protocol.
  • The Hats vault includes 100,000 in USDC, which is available for anyone who responsibly discloses vulnerabilities or possible…


Hats is a decentralized cybersecurity incentive network. Governed by its community stakeholders of hackers, projects, and token holders.

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